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Vermillion FX Thick Clotting Blood Oxblood (Deep Red Shade) 30 ml

Vermillion FX Thick Clotting Blood Oxblood (Deep Red Shade) 30 ml
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Model:  TCBO-30-VFX



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Viscous, slow running liquid depicting decomposed, clotting blood in deep /aged shade, for skin &, prosthetics, non-separating, washable.

Forensic Accuracy

Blood of this viscosity and deep colour accurately depicts older, decomposing blood that has begun to age with deoxidisation after exposure to air or within a corpse once blood flow has ceased. This clotting blood phase is still a liquid form, prior to the formation of clots.

On Set Use

Ideal to create thicker, aged blood effects; controlled, slow drips and to add depth to wounds. Can be used on set and in costume breakdown for older, gelatinous blood effects. 


To depict advanced decomposition, mix in scab wound filler for dark, semi dry texture.


Wash with soapy water & repeat until any residue is removed from skin.

Soak fabric in cold water then use washing machine if suitable.

Spot clean from delicate fabrics with stain remover, do not dry clean.

Extensively fabric tested but we advise prior patch testing. User accepts all liability.


For a material safety data sheet please contact Vermillion FX.

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