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TAG Colour Swatches

TAG have produced these colour swatches to make it easy for you to decide what might suit you best when painting.

Pinks - Using all the TAG pinks to create this Henna inspired design. No black or white used! TAG pearl Blush used for highlighting.

Reds and oranges - TAG red and orange colours, sunset and fireball, added the black on the fireball for the photo.  The pearl Apricot works well for highlighting.

Blues - using blues only. Pearl sky blue and regular powder blue were used for highlighting, the regular dark blue is great to use for outlining.

Browns - Ivory used for highlight, Earth for out lining.

Greens - pearl Teal for highlight and regular Green for line work.

Blacks, Greys and Whites - in regular and pearls.

Purples and Lilacs - in pearls, regular and neon.

Yellows and Golds - Daffodils are painted using the regular Yellow, Golden Orange and neon Yellow. The pearl Old Gold, Yellow and Gold for the Paisley and Star design.