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My First Face Painting Job Tips

You've just got your first face painting job and then you wonder how to manage your queue, how to stop people using your kit etc.  Below are some ideas of what you can do.  This is not an exhaustive list and is not set in stone either.  These are things that worked for us.  You may find that other painters do things differently and their techniques work for them.  This is a starting place if you haven't got much experience of doing paid jobs.



When ever you leave your workstation make sure you either pack you kit away until you come back or cover it with a sheet or towel otherwise some people will take advantage and use your kit while your gone. 

If at an event and you have a large queue and someone offers to help by using your kit you can advise them that you are only insured for your kit and unfortunately, that doesn't cover any helpers so you are sorry, but they can't help you out.  If you are at a school fayre as a PTA helper painting and someone offers to help you can say the school insurance doesn't cover them.

This prevents your kit being ruined by well meaning helpers.



Make sure you know how many children you can paint in 1 hour.  If the event finishes at 4.00 pm by approximately 3.00 pm you probably want to be ending your queue.  Hopefully the people left in your queue will be the amount you can do in an hour. 

Always do everyone left in your queue otherwise you will have a riot on your hands.  Its up to you to estimate your time correctly.  Its okay to run over about 5-10 minutes, but you don't want to be there all night!

Make sure its well known that your queue has ended.  Keep announcing it loudly that the queue is closed and also make a note of whom the last person is.  Anyone then joining you can pop down between kids and tell them you are sorry but XXX is the last person and no more will be done.

There is no ideal way to manage your queue and different people have tried different things like fluorescent jackets with "end of line" on to boards and barriers to close the queue off.



Once you have closed your queue make sure you mark the remaining people's hands.  We did it for each child and if the children were off elsewhere while Mum queued we usually marked the Mum's hand with the amount of children she had.

Use anything but black paint and ideally something that can't be replicated easily otherwise out comes the eyeliner to replicate the marks you have made to know how many kids are left and then they will tell you they have always been in the queue.

These methods will help prevent people hiding in the queue as added extras.  Make sure you announce several times that you will only paint people with their hands marked.

We had a hand stamp but once the hands are stamped put it away otherwise people will help themselves and you will land up with loads of extras!



To make sure you don't run out of water take a bottle such as a milk bottle or juice bottle with water in.

Its also a good idea to take an empty bucket to empty your dirty water into.



Its always best to come with a complete kit ie paints, table and chair, and water as invariably the painter is way down the list of priorities and you may land up with no table, no chairs etc so always take your own.  It looks better too if you can turn up with everything you need.



If you are in the USA a tip jar is a common occurrence and a way of either earning or adding to your wage.  However, in the UK this is not the "done thing".

If you are paid to be there, always ask the client first before accepting tips.  If face painting is supposed to be free it may not be acceptable to accept tips as you have already been paid to be there.