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Maintain Your Airbrush

(This is a guide only, it is up to you to do your research and decide what is best for you).


You will want your airbrush to last a long time so you must clean it thoroughly after every single use. Blockages are the biggest problem when using an airbrush that hasn't been cleaned. Always empty any paint out if you are not going to use your airbrush for long periods of time. Make sure no more colour can be seen through your airbrush. Which paints you use for your airbrush will depend on what you use to clean your airbrush ie water for water based paints and alcohol for alcohol based paints. Different brand airbrushes have different ways of dismantling for complete cleaning. Refer to instruction booklet that came with your airbrush when you purchased it. Also never immerse your airbrush in a solvent based cleaner as this may eventually damage the seals.

Ensure that when you are out airbrushing that you never leave your airbrush lying on its side on the work table with the airhose attached. The airbrush could easily fall off onto the ground and damage any fine parts.

When going for a break it is okay to leave your airbrush connected to the hose hanging on an airbrush holder. If going for a longer break it may be beneficial to clean your airbrush through and disconnect the hose for safety.


The Paint is Splattering

  • There is not enough paint in the pot
  • The position of the gun is too inclined
  • The passage for the fluid is blocked up

The Paint is not Coming Through

  • The tiny hole in the fluid container is blocked
  • Blockage in the airbrush
  • Airhose is kinked or trapped

To rectify all the above problems the following should work

  • Check the air hole on the fluid container is not blocked or the delivery tube. Try cleaning the air cap in case there is a build up of paint. Unscrew the cap with a clean cloth and gently clean with the tip of a needle.
  • If the paint is still blocked apply high air pressure facing onto a rag. Push down and pull the airbrush lever all the way back at the same time.
  • If problem persists check the viscosity of the paint. If the paint needs thinning use alcohol based thinners for alcohol based paints and water for water based paints.

Finally, if the problem still persists you may need to do a complete overhaul and proper clean of the airbrush.


Always switch it off when not in use and ensure for use in the UK that your equipment is regularly PAT tested.

Oil Filled Compressors

Check oil levels before using. Drain moisture trap and tank regularly. It's best to do this before each use.Check Manufacturers advice on oil type for your compressor. Oiless compressors: drain moisture trap and tank before every use.

Light Industrial Compressor

Drain moisture trap and tank before every use. Depending if oiless or oil filled check oil levels before use if required.