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Loew-Cornell Brushes

Pictures of the brushes from Loew-Cornell may not be to scale.

These brushes come in various levels of quality as shown below

  • Best - The highest quality.
  • Better - Solid performing brushes but for economy, minor compromises may have been made. They may still be a preferred hair for certain media or surfaces.
  • Good - Best suited for student, occasional use and speciality techniques.

Loew-Cornell brushes fall into the following categories for brush quality.

  • 7000 series - best quality
  • 795 series - best quality
  • 4000 series - better quality


If your brush has got bent and out of shape try the following -

Put some boiling water in a mug and then pop your brush in. Run the brush alongside the mug as you raise it out of the water to keep the shape. Dry standing upright to retain the brush shape.

Apparently hair gel also helps re-shape brushes using the above method.