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Grimas Polyglitter Bright PInk 25 ml

Grimas Polyglitter Bright PInk 25 ml
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Model:  056P-25-GR
Brand:  Grimas



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Grimas Polyglitter is shiny loose glitter for various make-up purposes.   Adds sparkle to your face painting designs.

Polyglitter is available in various colours.


Polyglitter can be applied directly onto the skin or on top of make-up using your fingers, a make-up sponge or a slightly moistened brush.



You can lightly wash the skin with lukewarm water and soap (or shampoo) to already remove a great part. Massage it in briefly and rinse off with lukewarm water. Scrubbing too much with water and soap or shampoo can irritate the skin. You can clean the skin further if required with a cleansing milk or cleansing cream. Massage it in gently and remove it with a soft tissue.

INCI       Max % Function
Polyethylene terephthalate, Polyurethane 11, Aluminum 100 Glitters      


CI15850, CI19140, CI45410, CI47005, CI74160, CI77120, CI77266, CI77510, CI77891

25       Colourant


The ingredients/colourants used are indicated in their maximum percentage.

For ingredients per colour please see Grimas BV's web page.

Appearance:  loose glitter.

Packaging:  colour = transparent (glass) with black cap (polypropylene.)

Contents:  = 30 ml colour = transparent (SAN) with transparent cap (polypropylene) contents = 15 ml.

Ingredients:  see formulation.

Toxicology:  is judged according to guideline EEC/76/768 and regulation 1223/2009.

Dermatology:  see dermatological declaration.

Ecology:  no effect if used normally.

Bacteriology:  <50 CFU/G yeast and mould pathogens not present.

Usable:   = best before,   = months after opening.

Storage:  store cool, dry and dark

Hygiene:  work hygienically, take out with spatula

Limitations:  no limitations regarding to use on the skin.

Make-up in the eyes:  rinse with water.

Improper use:  judged at a norm of eating once the content of the biggest packaging (30 ml) => no toxicological effect temporary intestinal problems predictable.

Instructions for use:  see product information and conditions of delivery.


Is safe for human health and has been evaluated at:

  • the ingredients used including the presence of impurities
  • toxicological relevant substances
  • toxicological profile of the ingredients used, taking into consideration the presence of possible impurities
  • interaction between the raw materials used
  • quantities of weight and volume exposed to the consumer
  • foreseeable improper use by the consumer group.

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