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A12 Grimas Empty Palette Grey

A12 Grimas Empty Palette Grey
Our Price:  £1.60(Inc. 20% VAT)

Model:  A12-GR
Brand:  Grimas



In stock, immediate despatch


Fits 12 x 15 ml paints.

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Grimas System Packaging is a modular constructed packaging with a click-together system. This system fits together with protruding studs (similar to Lego), so that the individual components fit together seamlessly. The packaging system ensures that the totality of Grimas make-up takes up minimal space and is easy to carry around, also in parts. Thanks to this system, all the Grimas products fit together, both in terms of height and width. 

The smallest packing unit is an A1. "A" packs are cups, with the number indicating the quantity (palette size). There is also a 15 ml A-pack: A2 (2 x A1 high).

In the “C” packing unit fits for example Grimas care products, cleaning products and powders. Here the number gives the height: C1 high, C2 high and C3 high. The "C" packs are the same size as an A4.

All the packs can be combined with each other.

The System Packaging is in grey for all the theatrical products.

For professional visagie a transparent packaging system has been developed, although this can also be used with your grey water makeup pots.


The System Packaging makes it possible to combine and click together the requisite products and make-up shades before you go to work on site, so you do not have to take anything other than what you will need. Thanks to the click-together system, the make-up requires less space and there are fewer loose components. Grimas System Packaging is a complete system than can be extended perfectly simply as a make-up case that can also be put together from separate components (even including the lights and mirrors). The product system has also been further developed to a fully modular, multifunctional and modifiable shop layout system. Empty packs can be re-used for example as a water bowl or a brush holder. The packaging system is aimed at the professional theatre make-up artist and visagist and the hobby market.



Grimas System Packaging can easily be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent (for example washing-up liquid). Do not clean in the dishwasher.

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