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S20 Grimas Artificial Hair Brush

S20 Grimas Artificial Hair Brush
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Model:  S20-GR
Brand:  Grimas



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Grimas Artificial-hair Brushes are brushes for applying all types of theatrical make-up and powders. Artificial-hair Brushes are suitable for fine lines and face-painting.

There are various shapes: round (S2), straight top (S6), filbert (SL6) and oval top (SV6). They have a grey stem and the number indicates the width in mm.

The fan-shaped brush (or butterfly brush, SW2) is particularly used for making butterfly forms with water make-up. The fan-shaped brush made of artificial hair has a black stem.

Artificial-hair Brushes are suitable for fine lines and face-painting. The hairs may become discoloured over the course of time, but this has no effect whatsoever on the make-up results.


Artificial-hair Brushes can be cleaned with water and shampoo or soap.

After washing, mould the wet hairs into the right shape by hand and leave the brush to dry on a towel.

Do not leave the brush upright during drying, because the water will then be absorbed into the shaft. Do not leave the brushes standing in a bowl of water for long periods, because this is bad for the hairs.

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