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Global Colours Body Art Brushes

Designed by an award-winning body artist to precisely meet the unique needs of face and body painters, these superior Golden Taklon brushes have that all-important firm spring-back and shorter bristle length, giving you maximum control over your linework. These long lasting brushes have black acrylic handles (no flaking like wooden handles!), a tapered handle for sectioning paints and densely packed nickel plated ferrules that leave no space for water and paint to get trapped – making them easy to clean, and quick and hygienic to dry.


If your brush has got bent and out of shape try the following -

Put some boiling water in a mug and then pop your brush in. Run the brush alongside the mug as you raise it out of the water to keep the shape. Dry standing upright to retain the brush shape.

Apparently hair gel also helps re-shape brushes using the above method.