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Diamond FX Essentials 32 g

Diamond FX offers a sophisticated collection of professional hydro face paint with perfect coverage and a high concentration of pigment.

Diamond FX face paint is easy to use and suitable for detailed line work when you are painting with a brush.  Can also be used with a sponge. 

Diamond FX does not contain any perfume.

The Essentials colours are bright and striking and perfect to combine with each other. Repainting and blending is not a problem . The face paint will easily hold all day.

Easily removed with soap and water.

Convenient 45 and 90 g pots mutually turn on each other so they can be stacked. 

All Essential paints are approved by the FDA and EU institutions.

Please note:  Black EYE and Black sit next to each other in the listing please ensure you check that you have the right item when purchasing.

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