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Brands of Face Paint

(This is a guide only, it is up to you to do your research and decide what is best for you. We do not recommend any particular equipment or brand of equipment).

There are so many different brands of face paint out there.  We have listed here what they are and a little bit about them to help you make decisions about the brands you want to use. 


Wax based paints dry very quickly so you need to be fast at blending!  They also have a firmer cake so are ideal for making split cakes with.  As with most brands of face paints they are water activated and although longer lasting are not sweat resistant.  

All these paints are highly pigmented and excellent for line work as they flow easily from the brush.  Really easy to do fine details with and can be used to overlay several different colours, as the colour doesn't bleed as much as some other brands.  Dries quickly so you need to apply quickly.

Kryvaline do a creamy line and regular line.  The creamy line is paraben free and is better for bases.  The regular line is better for line work.

Brands include:

Brand                Company Based Where Made
DIAMOND FX (DFX) Dutch company Paints made in China
CAMELEON Dutch company     Paints made in China
GLOBAL COLOURS  Australian company Paints made in China
KRYVALINE Canadian company Paints made in China
PARTYXPLOSION (PXP) Dutch company Paints made in China
TAG BODY ART (TAG) Australian company Paints made in China



These paints are ideal for bases and again as with the wax based paints they are water activated.  These paints are not sweat resistant, but can be sealed with barrier spray which will help their staying power if necessary. They can be easily blended and you don't have to work as quick with them as the wax based paints.  

Brands include:

Brand  Company Based Where Made
SNAZAROO British company England