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BOLT Brush Crisp Round No 3

BOLT Brush Crisp Round No 3
Our Price:  £3.90(Inc. 20% VAT)

Model:  JPBBC101
Brand:  Jest Paint



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Jest Paint

*The UV orange paint may fade if in contact with direct sunlight. You may notice that your brushes will turn to different shades of orange or yellow over time. The brush pictured is a full image and an up close shot.

What materials are used in this brush?

Bolt Brushes are made with wooden handles and multi-diameter synthetic bristles.

What are the dimensions of this product?

This brush is 7 1/4" long from tip to end. The base of the bristles is approximately a little more than 1/8" in a diameter and the bristles are 1/2" long. The handles are approximately 1/4" in diameter Neon orange handles that are UV reactive and have a glossy paint job!

What is this brush best for?

This Bolt face painting brush is ideal for making small/thin swirls and teardrops as well as highly detailed line work. Bolt brushes have a a nice firm bounce to them, which makes them perfect for highly detailed line work and teardrops.

What else should I know about Bolt Brushes?

Because they are made out of synthetic sable bristles, no animals were hurt for the production of these brushes.

These brushes were made in China under specifications provided by Jest Paint LLC. CUSTOM

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