Charity Donation - Border Collie Spot

Wednesday, 21 March 2018  |  Admin

We have donated to The Border Collie Spot to help Olaf.  This is Olaf's story below.

WELCOME TO THE SPOT BEAUTIFUL OLAF the little dog who was taken in to the vets in Bangor north Wales to be PTS . The reason was his farmer owner did not wish to spend money on him. Olaf was collected from the vets today by Sarah-Miles- Griffiths one of our loyal supporters. She had a seven hour journey just to bring him here and then her two and a half hour journey home. Thank you so much Sarah. I am sure Olaf will be very grateful too. Olaf went straight to the vets he is so so thin and has neurological problems with his hind legs. Our vet has advised we first get a bit of weight on him he weighs just 13kg. He has been given a b12 inj. His little tail is damaged and he has lost the top. We are hoping this will heal without surgery. Olaf is in a very poor way but we will make sure he has the very best treatment. He is such a remarkable little dog who never stops wagging his tail and desperately wants to do the right thing. We will look after you Olaf you deserve it. Olaf is just three years old.