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Grimas Blood Capsules (Box of 10)

Grimas Blood Capsules (Box of 10)
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Brand:  Grimas



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Grimas Blood Capsules are capsules of vegetable origin filled with a red powder that produces 'blood' when mixed with saliva. Blood Capsules are used for various special effects in film, television and theatre.

Blood Capsules are provided in boxes of 10.


Conceal the capsule in the mouth (the capsule melts slowly) and bite down on it when the blood effect is required. Because of the ingredient citric acid, the flow of saliva is stimulated, which creates the effect of clear and slightly frothing blood.



Blood Capsules cannot be washed out of clothing.

Remove traces of blood from the skin with Grimas Cleansing Lotion or similar.

INCI <%            
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose 90      
Sorbitol 10
Sodium cetearyl sulphate       2
Silica (nano) 0.5      
Citric acid 0.1
CI16255 1


The ingredients that are present in the product in the greatest proportions are listed first.

Then the pigments and colourants are addressed, even if they are used in large quantities.

Ingredients that are present in the product to less than 1% may be listed in random order.

< is less than.

Appearance:  red powder in clear capsules.

Packaging:  colour = grey (polystyrene) contents = 10 pieces.

Ingredients: see ingredients list.

Toxicology: is judged according to guideline EEC/76/768 and regulation 1223/2009.

Ecology:  no effect if used normally.

Bacteriology: <50 CFU/G yeast and mould pathogens not present.

Usable:  = best before 

                  = months after opening.

Storage:  store cool, dry and dark.

Hygiene:  work hygienically.

Limitations:  Toxicologically no limitations.

Make-up in the eyes:  rinse with water.

Improper use:  judged at a norm of eating once the content of the biggest packaging (10 pieces) => no toxicological effect

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