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Diamond FX is a professional water based paint which comes in Essential palette, Metallics palette and Neons palette. Diamond FX is a strongly pigmented professional water based make-up. It has excellent coverage and the brightest colours for black light. Three sizes are available from 32g, 45g and 90g. The white has excellent coverage over darker colours and the black glides on for perfect line work.

Diamond FX can be applied with a sponge or brush, and is easily removed with soap and water. When applied it will last all day without cracking or fading. Only a small amount of water is required with Diamond FX. It is designed to go further with less water.

Stipple colours evenly to achieve a smoother blend.

45 g and 90 g pots screw together so that they stack. 32 g pots don't stack!

All essential products have been approved by the EU and FDA institutions. The regular neon products are for use in special effects and use in hair and are not suitable for use as cosmetics according to FDA and EU regulations.

Diamond FX rainbow colours contain the regular neon colours.

Diamond FX special neon - white, blue and violet however are safe to use on skin according to the FDA and EU regulations!

Keep in mind, that these colours have a slight less 'blacklight effect'.

Click here for a statement from Diamond FX regarding neon colours labelling.


Diamond FX Essentials 10 g

Diamond FX Essentials 32 g

Diamond FX Essentials 45 g

Diamond FX Essentials 90 g

10 g Essentials

Selected colours only
Can be used as a palette refill

32 g Essentials


45 g Essentials

90 g Essentials

Black and white only




Diamond FX Neons 32 g

Diamond FX Neons 45 g




Diamond FX Metallics 32 g
Diamond FX Metallics 45 g




Diamond FX Large Split Cakes 50 g

Diamond FX Split Cakes 30 g Diamond FX Split Cakes 10 g  


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