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Cameleon Brush Soap 100 g

Cameleon Brush Soap 100 g
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Model:  CS100-100-C
Brand:  Cameleon



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This brush cleaning soap is 100% vegetable oil based conditioning soap for cleaning and maintaining brushes, but can also be used to clean your skin.

A nice way to promote yourself? Why not give your customers a card, with a little soap that vanishes all that lingering paint. Give with a card, that describes how to do that, the ingredients and a blank side where you can put your own label/stamp/logo on? The perfect promotion for all the mums who worry that their child may have a face paint for a week!  Why not tell them, to wash their make up brushes with the rest of the soap? There is more than enough soap to do so!! Nice smelling of fresh lime! Parabene free, no animals hurt in the process, Just a kind, child and mum happy soap.


Brush hairs, bristles and synthetic fibres should be cleaned with a gentle but cleansing soap and warm water until the soap begins to produce white lather. You should not use a strong fat removing soap. Cameleon brush soap is based on vegetable oils which clean and maintain the brush fibres. Natural hairs especially tend to break if they are missing their protective fat content. Using a gentle soap with conditioners will prolong their life as well as the suppleness of your brushes.

Dip your brush into the brush soap and then rub the brush soap into the bristles.

Rub the bristles in a circular, scrubbing motion in the palm of your free hand (very delicate).

Once you have worked the brush soap thoroughly through the bristles rinse the soap from the brush under warm running water.  It may take more than one application of the soap if there is a lot of paint in the brush.

Remove excess water by wiping the brush with a fine piece of cloth and bring it to its original shape. Let the brush dry completely before you use it again. Do not put it on the radiator to dry. The hair will dry too quickly, the handle will shrink, and the brush head will come loose. Cameleon advise hanging your brushes to dry, or letting them dry on a clean towel.

Can also be used to clean the skin of any models or face painted children.

Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Cocoate, Aqua Glycerine Parfume (fresh lime fragrance), Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide Tetrasodium
Not currently available. If further information is required please contact Cameleon UK

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